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Our mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and
empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Feb. 19th  
President's day 

Feb. 17
Community Garage sale
We’re beginning work on this year’s Yearbook now!  We’ll have a full color yearbook for this year, Stratton’s 20th Anniversary. 
We’ll looking for photographers, Field Trip chaperones,  anyone who’s interested in taking picures or lending a hand.  Please email Stratton PTA (strattonpta2017@gmail.com) if interested!

​Ms. Ann Brodsky, Stratton’s volunteer coordinator, is looking for volunteers to help in the library and classrooms.  
During the school day, hands on work with the teachers and students. if interested, please email Ann Brodsky at brodskan@u4sd.org

We have many opportunity for you to participate…
Think about leading and helping one of the following committees:

  • Fall or Spring Book Fair
  • Yearbook
  • Field day
  • Family Movie night
  • Holiday Social
  • Teacher appreciation week - May 1st-5th
  • Community Garage sale
  • Box Tops

We are also looking for special talents:
  • Event Photographer
  • Spanish translater
  • Social Media manager

​​Showcase Volunteer

Rachel Hejmanowski (drama teacher) is looking for parents to help her out in the following roles: costume manager, costume assistant, prop manager, prop assistant. 

Possible fundraising on night of showcases & help with ticket sales for large scale musicals. (Annie - Nov. 17th, Dinosaurs before Dark - March 2, Into the Woods, Jr. - May 18th)

Weekly assistance
  • exhibit prep: mat & hang artwork, make labels
  • push-in art lessons: serve as extra hands for Mrs. Putman (art enrichment) & Mrs. Young (magnet coordinator) when in the classrooms doing art lessons for showcases. Material prep may also be useful.

Current 2017-2018 PTA committee:

President: Jessica Bruce

Vice Presidents: Amy Slagell, 

Christina Rainwater

Treasurer: Edwin Friedl

Secretary: Lyne Levesque 

You can contact us at:

Volunteering at the school and in the community
​​During our January PTA meeting, we had the pleasure of having two guest speakers from non-profit organizations that serve our community and our school. These organizations are always in need of volunteers, especially male ones.

  • Lori Rogers from Feeding our Kids. This organization provides food to food-insecure kids in our community, including some of our school attendees. They are always looking for volunteers to donate food or to help sort the donations.  Find out more about this great program from their website: http://feedingourkids.org/
  • Ann Browski, coordinator of the volunteer and mentoring programs at Stratton discussed three mentoring programs:

  1. One-to-one: www.cu1to1.org is a school-based program aimed at developing interactions between kids and adults through playing sports, games, crafts, providing support, encouragement and guidance.
  2. Big Brothers and Sisters of Champaign County:
  3. The Sewing club, which meets at Stratton after school, needs volunteers to help children with sewing projects. You can get more details at